Aerolite 103 Home Exhaust Clamps



LARGE IMPROVED 3:1 PROFILE - Fits 1.00" to 2.00"  Round Tubing.  Our latest extrusion is a true 3:1 streamline shape (the most streamline design possible), and includes several enhancements:  There is an internal indexing lip running span wise, so when installed on a tube the fairing stay equally aligned on the tube from one end to the other.  This profile is also extruded with a UV additive in the resin, and thus has a longer life expectancy than our other two profiles.  Also, the leading edge section of the fairing has a larger wall thickness, allowing this design to be used on tubes as small as 1" diameter.

Fairings are also sold by the piece or in sets of 4 pieces...see prices below.



We can cut any fairing to your specified lengths at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.




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