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Type Legal Part-103 Ultralight
Configuration Single Place
Empty Weight (1) 235 lbs
Gross Weight 600 lbs.
Length 16 ft. 3.25 in.
Wing Span 26 ft. 10.25 in.
Wing Area 121 sq. ft.
Wing Loading @ 450 Lbs. 3.72 lbs / sq. ft.
Wing Loading @ 500 Lbs. 4.13 lbs / sq. ft.
Wing Loading @ 550 Lbs. 4.54 lbs / sq. ft.
Wing Loading @ Max Gross Weight 4.96 lbs / sq. ft.
Design Load Limits @ Gross Weight

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+4 / -2
Engine Power Requirements 28 hp. - 50 hp.
Propeller Max. Diameter 60 in
Stall Speed, Flaps Extended 26 mph
Stall Speed, Clean 28 mph
Cruise Speed (2) 45-63 mph
Top Speed 63 mph
Rate Of Climb 500 - 1000 fpm
Sink Rate 350-400 fpm.
Roll Rate 45 to 45 bank / 2.5 seconds
Take Off Distance 100-200 ft.
Landing Distance 100-200 ft.
Fuel Capacity 5 U.S. Gallons
Endurance 1.5-2.5 hours
Fuel Consumption 2-4.5 US Gallons / hour
Range 80-120 miles
Limitations & V-Speeds
Vne (never exceed) 70 mph.
Va  (design maneuvering speed) 50 mph.
Vfe  (max flaps extended) 70 mph.
Vy  (best rate of climb) 45 mph.
Vx  (best angle of climb) 40 mph.
Vs  (stall, flaps retracted) 28 mph
Vs  (stall, flaps extended) 26 mph
Vr  (rotation speed) 30 mph.
Max. Crosswind Component 15 mph
Max. Wind Speed 25 mph.
Max. Bank Angle 45
Max. Pitch Angle 30

(1)  Empty weight with Hirth F-33 Engine, complete with all standard features (electric start, battery, reduction drive, 2 Blade Tennessee Prop, nose fairing and windscreen, full instrumentation (ASI, ALT, slip indicator, Tach, EGT and CHT), electric flaps, steerable nose wheel and nose wheel suspension, 4 point harness, 5 gallon fuel tank and brakes).  The standard aircraft is 19 pounds UNDER the Part 103 weight limit.

(2) All performance specifications are with F33 engine, at sea level, with 175 pound pilot.

The Hirth F33 and the Kawasaki 340 are the standard engines normally used for Ready to Fly aircraft, but we also offer the Rotax 447 and 503, the Kawasaki 440, and other applicable Hirth models.

Spins:  Prohibited.

Aerobatic Flight:  Prohibited.

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