Sat. Unsat. N/A Item Notes
      Regulatory Prerequisites and Placards:  
X     Has construction manual  
X     Weight and Balance done, and shows within designer limits Current W&B can be completed for purchaser at time of sale.
      All controls, both flight and engine, marked as to use  
X     Throttle, open/close  
  X   Flaps, up/down, degrees indicated, take off setting marked No current markings, Can be installed at time of sale
    X Fuel, on/off  
X     Fuel quantity and type marked at each cap Panel Gauge
      Cockpit and Interior:  
X     Seat belts function  
X     Shoulder harness functions  
X     Shoulder belt anchor points firm, no interference  
X     Seat belt anchor points firm, no interference  
X     Seat and seat tracks OK, stops on aft rails Good secure lock, free movement
      Instruments and Required Equipment:  
    X ELT properly installed, with remote switch  
    X ELT battery date recorded in aircraft records  
X     Fuel Gauge, each tank, functions correctly  
      VFR day requirements (instruments marked with red and green lines):  
X     Altimeter 2 Pointer, no Kollsman
X     Airspeed No range marking, can be installed at time of sale.  ASI is proper range for this aircraft's flight speeds.
X     Tach.  Tach time: Total Time:  24.3
X     Oil Quantity Oil reservoir has low level indicator light on panel.
    X Oil temp  
X     Compass  
X     EGT No range marking, can be installed at time of sale.  
X     CHT No range marking, can be installed at time of sale.  
      Hobbs time is:   24.3
      VFR Night Requirements:  
    X Position lights  
X     Anti-collision lights/rotating beacon 3 White Strobes
X     Spare fuses  
X     Electrical energy sufficient for duration of A/C range plus reserve  
X     Battery and electrical system wiring adequate size, and secure Battery mount is adequate, but can be secured a little better.  Sealed battery
X     Switches marked for operation and wired properly Wiring is all good.  Master and Strobe switches need placards.
X     Circuit breakers or fuses labeled for value and function, wired properly  
X     Ground on battery to airframe and wired properly  
    X Ammeter  
    X Voltmeter  
    X Landing lights wired correctly  
    X Position lights wired correctly  
    X Cockpit lights/instrument lights wired correctly  
    X Battery case and battery securely mounted  
    X Battery vented overboard  
X     Antennas properly installed and have proper doubler or support plate Radio antenna currently mounted on bottom of wing, horizontally.  Could be moved to top of aircraft.
X     Coax cable secured, with enough slack to prevent disconnect  
    X Radios/avionics and cooling fans mounted securely  
    X Avionics gear wired properly and functions  
    X Transponder mode "C" check done, and recorded in aircraft records  
      Fuel System:  
X     Caps fit, and vented on all tanks Vented cap system (typical)
    X Fuel drain installed at lowest portion of tank  
    X Fuel drain installed at lowest point in system  
X     Fuel vent system vented properly  
    X Shutoff valve/selector switch operates easily and is clearly marked  
X     Fuel line routing is of proper material and diameter  
X     Fuel filter installed  
    X Fuel strainer functional and safety wired or self closing  
X     Fuel lines protected from chafing and secure 1 location needs small shroud
X     Fuel line routing avoids areas of heat  
      Gear, Wheels, Brake Systems:  
    X Clearance on fairings  
X     Brake system lines routed correctly  
X     Reservoir/pumps functional Mechanical, smooth function
    X Wheel pants secure  
    X Tail spring secure, clear of rudder  
      General Condition, Fuselage, Wing, Tail Assembly:  
X     Skin condition, wrinkles, rivets, tape Good quality clear coat, some slight fading on top surfaces of colored portion of wings.  Pylon cover is not clear coated (all other surfaces are)
X     Vertical fin, movement and condition  
X     Ailerons, movement and condition  
X     Flaps, movement and condition  
X     Elevator assembly, movement and condition  
    X Trim tabs function, no binding  
X     Control travel stops  
X     Control cables safety wired correctly  
X     Windshield overall condition Small scuff on top of windscreen, easily polished out.
X     Wing attach brackets and hardware  
X     Tail group attach brackets and hardware  
      Flight Controls:  
X     Proper tension of cables  
X     Safety wiring of cables  
X     Clearance on controls, no hitting panel, sides, floorboards  
X     Freedom of movement  
X     Proper direction  
X     Everything safety wired  
X     Rudder hinges, horns, and attachments  
X     Aileron hinges, horns and attachments  
X     Elevator hinges, horns and attachments  
      Engine Compartment:  
X     Throttle cables anchored and functional  
X     Throttle defaults to open position Default is closed position on all Rotax 2 cycle engines.
    X Choke cable anchored and functional Primer system installed, no choke
X     Clearances in engine compartment  
X     Fuel line routing to avoid heat and bends  
X     Sufficient fuel line diameter  
X     Fuel and oil hoses proper material  
X     Oil system hose and cooler installed correctly  
X     Engine mount secure, no cracks  
X     Signs of oil leaks  
X     Muffler/exhaust condition Using Rotax springs, suggest upgrading to stainless clamps
X     Prop nicks and/or cracks 68 X 30 Tennessee Propeller, excellent condition.
X     Safety wired bolts of sufficient size Nylock nuts, per installation instructions
X     Bolts clear engine  
X     Prop is correct length to clear airframe Approximately 4"
X     Hub has no cracks or corrosion