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Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

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U-FLY-IT provides potential buyers with an affordable pre-purchase inspection service throughout the eastern half of the United States (and we can be persuaded to go to other areas).  The fact is, MANY aircraft are now offered for sale over the Internet, allowing buyers to choose from more potential aircraft then ever before.  Along with this increased number of aircraft for sale comes the problem of knowing what you are buying.

U-FLY-IT will travel to the location of the ultralight aircraft you are considering purchasing.  We will then do a complete and thorough inspection of the aircraft, and take both overall and detailed photographs of all components of the plane.  After we are done, you will receive a detailed report and approximately 30-40 photos of the aircraft.  The report and photos will be emailed to you within 24 hours of our return from the inspection.  We will also call you from the inspection sight (if possible) and discuss the aircraft with you while we are there.   In addition, we are also able to act as your purchasing agent, to close the deal immediately after the inspection.  We can also coordinate shipment of the aircraft from the inspection site.

This service allows you to make an educated decision about purchasing the aircraft.  If you can not get there yourself, call or email us for a Very Reasonable Quote.

Inspected for a Buyer in Pennsylvania

Left-Wing-Bottom-1,-OP,-125.jpg (4179 bytes)

Engine-2,-OP,-125.jpg (5274 bytes)

Leading-Edge-Repair-1,-op,-.jpg (1239 bytes)

Rear-Fuselage-hole-1,-OP,-1.jpg (3020 bytes)

Inspected for a Buyer in California

CA,-overall,-op.jpg (9061 bytes) CA,-panel,-op.jpg (7959 bytes) CA,-electrical,-op.jpg (9006 bytes) CA,-panel,-op.jpg (7959 bytes)

Inspected for a Buyer in Texas

Insp,-texas,-overall,-op.jpg (6629 bytes)

Insp,-texas,-drag-cable,-op.jpg (4003 bytes)

Insp,-texas,-wing-damage,-o.jpg (2998 bytes)

Insp,-texas,-fuselage-patch.jpg (3117 bytes)

Under Construction Inspection

Hawk-1,-OP.jpg (4622 bytes)

Hawk-4,-OP.jpg (4838 bytes)

Hawk-2,-OP.jpg (4667 bytes)

Hawk-5,-OP.jpg (5548 bytes)

Inspected For a Buyer in Georgia

Insp,-Georgia,-Mount-2,-OP.jpg (4073 bytes)

Insp,-Georgia,-Wing,-OP.jpg (4068 bytes)

Insp,-Georgia,-bellcrank,-O.jpg (3520 bytes)

Insp,-Georgia,-fuel,-OP.jpg (4165 bytes)

Inspected For a Buyer in Japan

Insp,-Japan,-Fuselage.jpg (4523 bytes)

Insp,-Japan,-Fuselage,-Clos.jpg (4697 bytes)

Insp,-Japan,-Fuselage,-Rear.jpg (3055 bytes)

Insp,-japan,-aileron,-op.jpg (4864 bytes)


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Comments from our Customers:

"Well, Dennis the plane arrived last night.  It is everything you said.  Thanks for all the help.   I was a little sacred buying something without seeing it.  Andy (of Ultrasport Aviation) is a nice guy and did a great job packing the aircraft.   Take care and thanks again. "  PK

"Thanks for the inspection!  I appreciate you being candid and taking a long look at that plane.  I look forward to working with you again soon."  PH

"Thanks for being so cordial with Dennis and taking the time with him during
his inspection of the plane.  I believe the plane is priced fairly and is a
good buy - not an issue. "  DC

"Thanks so much for checking the plane out for me.  I think you did an excellent job on the report and the pictures.  You saved me a long trip, because I would not have flown that (plane) either.  I would not even have something like that hanging around my hanger.  Thanks again: (Money well spent)."  DS

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If you have a question, we want to answer it.

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