Here is the story/specs on this beautiful Quicksilver MX: 

This kit was given to a local minister about 25 years ago, and he kept it stored in his residence.  He sold the kit (completely unassembled, and still in its original packaging) to a long time Quicksilver owner builder in 2006.  The Rotax 377 engine was sent to Lockwood for teardown and inspection.  They tore it down and replaced a few seals (the only thing they found that was not up to specs). 

He built the plane, and flew it for 52 hours.  He then decided to replace the sails, and make some other updates to it at the same time.  So, he: 

-  Replaced the stabilizer with the newer, tapered style (the same as on current QS planes). 

-  Replaced all the sails, and added more wing ribs (to be like the newer QS's). 

-  Had all of the steel parts powder coated again. 

Added should belts. 

Installed our wider seat (4" wider than standard, and 2 pounds lighter). 

Replaced all the plastic saddles. 

Had the exhaust ceramic coated. 

Replaced the AN hardware. 

-  Installed a new tiny tach and a CHT/EGT instrument. 

Replaced the original lower tail wires with boom tubes (as is on all current models). 

He then started flying it again, and it now has 128.6 hours on it.   It is a true ultralight, and weighs 248 lbs. 

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