S U N/A Item Notes
Regulatory Prerequisites and Placards:
x Has construction manual None Provided, Replacement available
x ID plate is fireproof, and completed Quicksilver Serial Number Plate present
x ID plate installed in proper location
x N-number installed in 3" block letters in proper location USUA Registration number on aircraft
x Weight and Balance done, and shows within designer limits None provided, current W&B will be provided with sale.
All controls, both flight and engine, marked as to use
x Throttle, open/close Not marked
x Fuel, on/off
x Fuel quantity and type marked at each cap Visual fuel quantity
Cockpit and Interior:
x Seat belts function
x Seat belt anchor points firm, no interference
x Seat and seat tracks OK, stops on aft rails
Instruments and Required Equipment:
x Fuel Gauge, each tank, functions correctly Visual
x Altimeter
x Airspeed
x Tach.  Tach time:
x Compass None
x EGT Dual
x CHT Dual
Hobbs  None. Reported 108 airframe, 30 engine (since rebuild, see note)
x Anti-collision lights/rotating beacon Single, Kingpost
x Electrical system wiring adequate size, and secure
x Switches marked for operation and wired properly
Fuel System:
x Caps fit, and vented on all tanks
x Fuel drain installed at lowest portion of tank Loop, as specified
x Fuel drain installed at lowest point in system Loop, as specified
x Fuel vent system vented properly Vented cap
x Shutoff valve/selector switch operates easily and is clearly marked
x Fuel line routing is of proper material and diameter
x Fuel filter installed
x Fuel lines protected from chafing and secure Some additional standoffs recommended.  Easily accomplished.
x Fuel line routing avoids areas of heat
Gear, Wheels, Brake Systems:
x Brake system lines routed correctly
General Condition, Fuselage, Wing, Tail Assembly:
x Skin condition, wrinkles, rivets, tape 2 small patches on wing skin (applied by U-FLY-IT)
x Vertical fin, movement and condition
x Ailerons, movement and condition Smooth.  Tension could be relaxed slightly with minor adjustment to friction bolt
x Elevator assembly, movement and condition
x Control travel stops Rudder pedals have been trimmed slightly on corners to accommodate fairing.
x Control cables safety wired correctly
x Windshield overall condition Windscreen and fiberglass fairing in good condition
x Wing attach brackets and hardware Some new hardware installed by U-FLY-IT
x Tail group attach brackets and hardware Some new hardware installed by U-FLY-IT
Flight Controls:
x Proper tension of cables
x Clearance on controls, no hitting panel, sides, floorboards Rudder pedals do contact fairing at full deflection, but do not hinder rudder travel
x Freedom of movement
x Proper direction
x Rudder hinges, horns, and attachments
x Aileron hinges, horns and attachments
x Elevator hinges, horns and attachments
Engine Compartment:
x Throttle cables anchored and functional Routing of cable could be changed slightly.  Carb end needs new rubber boot at cable ($3.50)
x Throttle defaults to open position Rotax design, defaults to closed
x Choke cable anchored and functional Primer system installed, functions correctly.
x Clearances in engine compartment
x Fuel line routing to avoid heat and bends
x Sufficient fuel line diameter
x Fuel and oil hoses proper material
x Engine mount secure, no cracks
x Signs of oil leaks
x Muffler/exhaust condition Has Rotax intake silencer, Rotax intake filter and after muffler.  All with good mounts and in good condition
x Prop nicks and/or cracks Has adhesive leading edge tape.  Very small knicks in L/E, easily dressed on carbon fiber props.
x Safety wired bolts of sufficient size Self locking nuts, new prop bolts installed by U-FLY-IT
x Bolts clear engine
x Prop is correct length to clear airframe
x Hub has no cracks or corrosion
Both landing gear down tubes are new, and so are both tensions struts.
Much hardware was replaced during our inspection.  UV protection was 
applied to the wings.  The 2 small fabric tears were patched by U-FLY-IT.
Overall, a nice single place sprint with low time motor.  As equipped, the
current replacement cost of this aircraft would be approximately $14,000