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Grand Champion LSA, Sun-N-Fun, 2007 Challenger II CWS, Rotax 503

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Additional Upgrades/Options Available from U-FLY-IT

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Current Prices for Challenger Aircraft Kits are:

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Challenger   Single Place (less engine) $9,995
Challenger II   Two Place Trainer or Experimental (less engine) 11,995
Challenger Special   Clipped Wing Single Place (less engine) 10,995
Challenger II Special   Clipped Wing Two Place (less engine) 13,200
Challenger Clipped Wing Light Sport Special (LSS / XS-50) (Complete Airframe Kit, less Engine package and Instruments) 17,587
582 Engine Package (including Mounts and Reduction Drive) 8,672
Challenger II, XL-65 (Complete Airframe Kit, Including Rotax 582 Engine package, Radiator, Warp Drive Prop, Instruments, etc.) 31,863
You can also Order Your Challenger Aircraft in 4 Sections:
Challenger I or II Tail Section   (all models available in 4 part kits, click here for prices) 1,145
Options:  (Click here for detailed descriptions of all available options)
Mylar Wing Sails Upgrade   (Standard sailcloth or Stits included at no charge) 250

Click here for a comparison of Sailcloth, Stits and Mylar

10 Gal Fuel Tank(standard item on Special model) 71
17 Gallon Aluminum Tank 575
5" Aluminum Wheels Upgrade 25
6" Aluminum Wheels Upgrade 95
Fiberglass Wing Tips    (replaces standard tips, and shortens wing span by 2-1/2 feet) 594
Fiberglass Nose Cone    (adds 3-4 MPH to top speed, provides streamlined appearance) 395
Fiberglass Center Section Cover    373
Fiberglass Wheel Pants, 5" 396
Fiberglass Wheel Pants, 6" 420
Flaperons   148
Brakes   (custom made for the Challenger, and fit inside the wheel pants) 350
Hydraulic Brakes   (Hegar, with 6" aluminum wheels) 750
Shoulder Harness 45
Streamline Strut Fairings   (also includes fairings for main gear legs) 242
Door Kit   (single place)  (standard equipment on Special model) 300
Door Kit   (two place)  (standard equipment on Special model) 540
Engines:  (Complete packages, including reduction unit, cables, etc.)
Rotax 447   42 Horsepower 5,343
Rotax 503 DC   52 Horsepower, duel carb, duel CDI ignition 6,582
Rotax 582   Less Prop and Radiator 8,672
Rotax 582 Radiator and Accessory Package 1,150
Electric Start Package 655
Electric Start Package for 582 Only 795

Challenger Information Pack and 42 Minute DVD.     ($10.00, Postage Included!)

Challenger Information Pack Only.    ($2.00, Postage Included!)

We stock 2 Place Long Wing kits, and can customize the options for any kit to your specifications.

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If you are thinking about buying a new Challenger, give us a call or send us an email.  We will be happy to answer ANY questions that you have regarding the great Challenger airplanes.  We can put you in touch with a local dealer in your area (if there is one) or assist you with your purchase. 

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