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Thanks again for the excellent training and spending the time to answer my questions and letting me observe the building process.  Very impressed with your operation there!
I didn't expect another response and I truly appreciate it.  You folks are very nice and it looks like you really care about other folks.  I wish you were the dealers down here.
I was most impressed by the clarity of explanation of the various options that you offer on the kit ... it really made things clear to me.  Part of the value you add to us builders.
It is obvious that you have a first class company.
Dennis, It is wonderful to speak to someone who wants to help you as well as do business with you.
If your business is anything like your website, I'm sure it will be well worth the trip.
Thanks for the information about everything.  You do have one of the nicest websites that I have seen.
Dennis, thank you for your prompt response.  You definitely practice what you preach.  I had asked that same question of two other dealers (prior to finding your website) and still have had no response.  You answered in less than 24 hours.  I am trying to find a convenient time to set up a visit to your facility.  Your website is great.  Looking forward to meeting you.  Thanks again.
First off... I am utterly impressed by your response time, every time, I do appreciate it!!
If your work parallels the quality of your web site, your aircraft must indeed be very satisfactory.
I am interested in buying an ultralight aircraft and your website has answered many if not all of my questions.
I have not bought a aircraft from you YET.  I love your website and plan on buying from you when I have my pennies together.  Keep up the good work.
Thank you so very much for your Christmas card and Gift Certificate, which arrived in the morning’s mail. I was very much taken aback by your generosity. Most folk, with whom I have done business, do not reduce their profit margin to express a Christmas Greeting.
Thank you for getting back to me so fast. This takes care of what I needed to know
Your quick and informative replies to (our) emails were greatly appreciated and gave us the confidence to pursue this purchase with you.
There is really no competition in the marketplace.  You'll have great masses in any profession out there making a noise.  Those few souls who are actually studying their craft and attempting to perfect it, standout in a crowd like a giraffe in a herd of field mice.
Thank you for responding to my letter it answered a lot of questions for me and made me feel a lot better about everything Dennis.  This is my first time to do this and I guess I don’t want to make any mistakes.
I had a look at your web site.  Very well done.   Informative and complete.
Wow! your "assemble for free" deal sounds too good to be true.  (it is not "to good to be true" it is just GOOD and TRUE!)
Thanks so much for spending time with me this week.  I think I have my questions answered for the moment.  If I have any more, I will be in touch.
Thanks for such a cool web page.  I really enjoyed the photos.   Makes me want to own one today.
I was impressed by your web pages, and I hope that you can give me some direction to think, and ideas to consider when making this kind of decision about actually doing this.
Like I said... I know nothing about this area of flying and I most truly appreciate you helping me out as a beginner with decisions.  I most definitely thank you for your help and thanks again for giving me (an ultralight beginner) your time and your thoughts.
Thanks a million Dennis.  Your latest email made the picture a whole lot clearer and definitely more understandable.  Sometimes the information on the net is somewhat confusing because folks who publish their ultralight pages seem to assume I know about exactly what they are writing about or selling.  I can tell you that if you give the same kind of customer service as you do email service, then I'd bet there are lots and lots of satisfied customers that you have dealt with.  I can tell you for sure that if I am ever in your part of the world, I'd be proud to stop by and share a cup of coffee with you.  Best wishes and clear skies to you sincerely.
Thanx for having us up.  You've got a nice clean operation and we were both impressed.
I am considering getting into flying ultralights and have been impressed with what I have seen on your web site.
I don't know how to thank you for a really quality flying experience.  It was a really good chance to learn, and I enjoyed the time with you in the air and on the ground.  And I did learn.  A lot.  The important thing is that I quite clearly heard your advice and admonitions, and they still resonate in my head.  Thanks again for everything. You are very generous.
You have a very impressive web site, I have been going through it for hours.  26 years ago I was soloing in a Cessna 150 and a couple months later my first daughter was born and my flying career was put on hold. A few days ago as I was surfing the web and found a beautiful ultralight and the fever came back.  As I began to go through used ultralights, I found your One Stop Shopping site.  Awesome is all I can say.  You have it all, training, ideas and help everywhere I turn.  I will call soon and I look forward to coming up to see you folks, to see what we might do to get me back in the air again.  Thanks for all the work you folks have done to put together such a great organization.
I was searching the web for ultralights (for my future wish list) trying to determine what kind of Ultralight I'd like to have ... Then I stumbled upon your website.  After reading your "Pro-customer" attitude toward doing everything to help out the consumer, I said to myself : "Now, these are the people I want to get involved with!"
You all are the helping hand that future ultralighters (like myself) and the current UL community needs!
You've basically stated at your website everything a consumer/customer wants to hear, someone willing to take their hand and walk them through every step necessary to enjoy the fun of ultralight flying!
We live in a lazy world of people who want something for nothing (or for the least amount of effort ) but that philosophy, although seeming good to a first-person perspective, breeds selfishness and greed!  Other dealers may complain because they don't want to see you succeed beyond them, they are envious and jealous that you have other customers spreading word of mouth.  So cheers/kudos to your business; may it be blessed and prosperous. 
Thanks for the quick reply!  Great website.  I want to thank you for all your help so far ... you're the most knowledgeable and helpful person that I've talked to in this endeavor.  
Thank you again for the pictures and being so patient with me.  That was what I was looking for.
Thanks for the quick reply!  Some weekend soon my wife and I may just set up an appointment for a couple of demo flights.  So far, of all of the ultralights I have researched, I have been the most impressed with the Challenger.  Great website, and thanks for the help!!  Have a great day!!
First, I want to let you know that I am serious about buying a Challenger II, and it was your, and your Canadian counterpart's, website that really sold me!  
First things first, thank you very much for the quick response.  We really appreciated the speed at which you answered our e-mail.
About 5 months ago I started inquiring again about ultralight flying, and even with help from the Internet, found that the situation in Oregon is still about the same.  There is little if any organized ultralight activity in this state, and even used birds have to come from out of state.  I was again frustrated and discouraged.   Until I finally found your web site.  It's great and has given me hope.   After hours on the Internet, it is looking as if  you are my only chance to ever fly again, which is something that I could still do at an ultralight level.
We received the samples of colors today in the mail.  Thank you for getting them out so quickly. 
Your valuable comment helped in regard to the Electric Start, and I have decided that it is a weight and expense that I can forego at this time. 
We are very comfortable in your skills as an instructor.  You are very patient and supportive.  You have a laid-back attitude which makes it much easier to learn.
I appreciate any time you can give answering these questions.  I have not found a good source of information yet locally.  The Internet has too much information, much of it contradictory, so I'd rather get information from a reliable source, such as yourselves.
First off, you have a great Web site.  Easy to use, great links, very informative.
Forget the training question on my last e-mail!  Your excellent web site provided that answer.

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