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We Provide Guaranteed Assembly of Your Aircraft!

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If you are new to our website, here are the terms of the Guaranteed Assembly offer:

For a mere 15% of the purchase price (20% for Stits wing Challengers and Quicksilver GT-400, 500), we will assemble the airframe, install the motor and install all basic factory airframe upgrades that you purchase with your kit.

Want more?  OK.  Purchase any other components from us, such as Rotax  engine package, propeller, BRS chute, EIS, instruments, etc., and we will install those as well!  

Still not convinced that this is one great opportunity?  OK, how about this:  When we are done with it, If you are not Completely Satisfied with our Workmanship, we will Refund the Money You Paid for the Kit!  Simple as that.

If we build it all for you, we will do the engine break-in, and test flight.  And, if you can not find the time to come and pick it up, we can even deliver the aircraft to you (for a very reasonable charge).

Want to see how your aircraft is progressing?   OK.  While we are assembling it for you, we will email you frequent photos and updates, and are always here to answer your questions while it is underway.  You are also free to stop by anytime we are working on it, and lend a hand.

Why are we doing this?  Simple.  Many pilots start out looking for a used aircraft, because that is what they can afford.  We feel that if we can sell you a NEW aircraft for a price that is within a couple thousand dollars of a used one, you will probably want to buy NEW.   This accomplishes several things.   First, we are able to provide a NEW airplane to a buyer who otherwise may not have been able to afford one.  Secondly, there is another new ultralight or light sport aircraft flying and a proud new owner showing it to everyone he or she knows.  We have also increased the number of flying airplanes, which means there is another used one still for sale out there someplace for the pilot who can not afford a new one just yet.  We are always happy to accomplish putting another Challenger or Quicksilver in the air, both of which are great airplanes.  

You get your aircraft assembled, saving yourself  many hours of construction time.  We get satisfied customers telling their friends where they bought their aircraft.  You're happy, we're happy, and there are more and more Quicksilvers and Challengers roaming around the sky providing countless hours of fun flying.  What are you waiting for?   Email us today for complete details.  You will be glad you did!

EMAIL US:  sportplane@uflyit.com


We respond to ALL email messages and phone calls.

If you have a question, we want to answer it.

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Complete details of the terms of this offer are listed in our agreements pertaining to purchases from U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft, LLC, and  assembly assistance for customer aircraft.

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