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ICOM A6  (A24 is identical, with the addition of nav feature)

A6 / A24 Picture

Is it different?  You bet!  How?  It has ICOM 's new "Flip-Flop Plus", Long Life 1500 mAh Nickel Metal Hydride battery, and much more!

  Other Features include:


  IPX 4 water resistant construction provides reliable operation in wet conditions.

  ICOM 's new Advanced Flip-Flop allows you to scroll through the last 10 used frequencies with the push of a button.

200 Memory channels (10 banks of 20 channels) allow you to load in up to 10 separate flight plans.  6 character Alphanumeric for channel names.

ICOM 's exclusive front panel programmable side tone allows you to set the correct side tone level for almost any headset.

Huge backlit display and keypad ensure you can use this radio with one hand in almost any condition.

Optional high capacity Li-ion battery, alkaline battery case, and rapid charger.

Dedicated 121.5 "emergency" key

All NOAA weather channels preprogrammed

Automatic Noise Limiter ( ANL ) built in for noise reduction

ICOM 's exclusive " TAG " scanning & memory bank scanning make it the most user friendly radio on the market.



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