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Only $995 Gets You Started on Your Own


Now you can buy your Challenger Aircraft in an easy-on-the-wallet 4 part kit!  This enables you to become the proud owner of a Challenger on any schedule that fits your budget!


1-Place 2-Place 1-Place Special 2-Place Special
* * * * *
Tail: 1,145 1,145 1,145 1,145
Wings : 3,353 4,055 3,225 3,897
Fuselage: 5,647 6,945 6,775 8,308
*: * * * *
Total: 9,995 11,995 10,995 13,200
. . . . .


Choose Your Engine Package!
Tail: Includes all pre-built tail surfaces, covering and hardware to complete the tail section of the Challenger.  Also includes assembly manual.
Wings: Includes pre-built wings and ailerons, pre-sewn sailcloth or regular aircraft covering, ribs and hardware to complete the wings and ailerons.
Fuselage: Includes pre-built fuselage with controls installed, landing gear, wheels, fuel tank, seat and cushions, covering material and all hardware.
Powerplant: All engine packages include engine, carburetor(s), exhaust system, muffler mount with hardware, motor mount with hardware, choke cable(s), cog belt reduction drive and matched propeller with bolts.


As you can see, it DOES NOT cost any more to purchase the Challenger kits by the section!   However, you will pay a little bit more in shipping charges since you will be receiving 3 shipments instead of just one.

All prices listed above are less instruments and paint.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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