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The Lynx "Micro System" consists of headsets which contain the intercom circuitry and their own rechargeable batteries.  Two headsets can be coupled together for excellent intercom function, with each headset having its own volume control.  The headsets can be used with or without the Lynx helmets.  And, the headsets can be used with radio-interface units to allow for radio as well as intercom communication.

Current Prices for Lynx Headsets and Accessories are:

Model Price

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Micro System Headsets (white, black, blue, red, gray, yellow and green) $420
Micro System Helmet 268
Dual Headset System, without helmets.  (2 Lynx headsets, 1 dual charger, 1 headset coupling adapter)  (Crisp, Clear Sound, in a Comfortable System!) 997
Dual Headset System, with helmets.  (2 Lynx headsets, 2 helmets, 1 dual charger, 1 headset coupling adapter) 1,533


Headset Coupling Adapter  Used to connect 2 headsets together when a radio is not being used. 40
Dual Headset Charger   110 volt charger used for charging 2 headsets simultaneously.  Has charge indicators. 117
Radio Interface Unit   Portable interface unit for connecting 1 or 2 headsets to a radio.  Includes built in push to talk switch to control radio transmission from one headset.  Has built in socket for adding a second PTT switch to allow radio transmission from the second headset. 434
Radio/Power Interface  An interface unit for the connection of one or two headsets to a hand-portable radio. Two selective PTT sockets are provided, enabling each headset to transmit independently. An audio socket is also provided, allowing sound (from a CD or cassette player) to be played into the system or the intercom audio to be recorded. When connected to a suitable 12v power supply, the unit will supply power to a radio and Micro System headsets. 422
12 Volt Power Cable  This power cable is needed you are going to connect the Radio/Power Interface unit to the aircraft power. 23
Audio Input-Output Cable   Used to connect your CD player, cassette, etc., to the Radio/Power Interface unit. 34
Velcro Mount PTT Switch   A Push-To-Transmit switch with one meter of coiled cable and a Velcro strap for mounting. 74
Screw Mount PTT Switch   A small switch for yoke, panel or column mounting with two meters of cable included. 51
Cell Phone System   Micro System headsets can be connected to cell phones using an Audio Adapter and a Cell Phone Lead. Both the Audio Adapter and the Cell Phone Lead are required to connect the phone, and are included with this system. 356
Audio Adapter  The Audio Adapter is for use with the Micro System headsets and provides a direct connection for either a Cell Phone Lead or an Audio Cable (the audio cable allows for the connection of a tape or CD player, or connection to a camcorder). 306
Cell Phone Lead 50
Audio Cable  The audio cable allows for the connection of a tape or CD player, or connection to a camcorder). 34
Radio Adapter   A portable interface unit for connecting a single headset to a radio. Includes a socket for connecting a separate PTT switch to control radio transmissions. 443
Leather Helmet   A soft leather helmet with padded chamois lining for use with a Lynx headset. The helmet is fitted over the headset and combines with it to form an integrated assembly. Handmade to resemble a World War II fighter helmet, and weighing only 270 grams, this helmet is ideal for use in classic open-cockpit aircraft.
Popular with powered-parachute pilots!
Helmet Goggles   Authentic MARK 49 goggles with brass frames and hand-`stitched leather face mask. 123
Twin Jack Adapter   An adapter for use in General Aviation, allowing Micro System headsets to be connected to existing aircraft intercom systems. 163
Headset Bag   A cloth bag with draw-string to hold a single headset. 14
Helmet Bag A cloth bag with draw-string to hold a single helmet. 16
Double Helmet Bag A padded nylon hold all to protect and carry complete systems, plus room for radios and other equipment. Internal partitions are provided two hold two helmets and headsets. 170
Lynx Aircraft-Band Antenna 93
Headset Extension Lead  (1 meter) 123
Panel Mount Headset Extension Lead (1 meter) 96
PTT Connector and Lead (if you already have a PTT switch) 29
Small Power Supply Filter 117
Large Power Supply Filter 59
Lynx "Relai" Headset   (for solo flying and use with radio) 441
Lynx "Pilot" Headset   (twin jack headset for use with General Aviation aircraft) 446
Flip Up Visor (for helmet) 82
Visor Extension for Lynx Visors 48
Prices subject to change without notice.   All prices are less shipping.

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