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We can send you a set of Puddle Jumper Floats, with all necessary installation hardware, or you can bring your plane to our facility and we will install them for you!

Puddle Jumper Floats are manufactured in Canada and the prices listed below are in Canadian Dollars.  The exchange rate between the Canadian Dollar and the U.S. Dollar is VERY GOOD currently, so the prices for the floats in U.S. Dollars are much lower than the Canadian Dollar prices listed below. 

Please use the Currency Conversion Calculator at this link to determine current U.S. Dollar prices:

  Click here for the current conversion amount in U.S. Dollars. 

  Quicksilver MX Sport I and Sprint I, Challenger Quicksilver MX Sport II and Sprint II Quicksilver Sport 2S and Sprint 2S X-Air and Flightstar and Rans S-12 (582) Sky Ranger, Jabiru Calypso, Quicksilver GT-500, Zenith 701, X-Air Hanuman, Rans S-12 (912)
14' Amphibious $7,495 CAD $7,800 CAD $7,925 CAD $7,950 CAD  
14' Straight $6,480 CAD $6,800 CAD $6,800 CAD $6,850 CAD  
15' Amphibious     $8,995 CAD   $8,995 CAD
15' Straight     $7,800 CAD   $7,800 CAD
Option: Price
Kevlar Bottoms, (14') $1,000 CAD
Kevlar Bottoms, (15') $1,400 CAD
Hydraulic Brakes, Wheels, Tires, Tubes and Master Cylinder $950 CAD
Water Rudder $500 CAD
Salt Water Operation Kit $800 CAD
Color In Gel Coat (per color) $300 CAD

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