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Our lightweight Lithium Batteries (LiFePO4 - Lithium iron phosphate) weigh as little as 1 lb. 6 oz (for all Rotax 2 stroke, HKS and Hirth applications). 

They have roughly Three times the cycle life of standard lead acid type batteries, and are much safer for light aircraft use.  Installing our Lithium Ion battery provides the average aircraft owner an instant weight reduction of 14 lbs or more (and an additional 2-4 pounds if you also remove your existing mounting structure for your lead acid battery).

Our Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer superior thermal and chemical stability, providing better safety characteristics than lead acid or other types of lithium-ion batteries

Operating temps from 0 to 150 degrees.


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A-220  Lightweight Lithium Battery Pack

(Hard Case)

1 lb, 6 oz.

4.0 Lithium Ah at 220 CCA

Outperforms Other Lithium 8 Cell Batteries.

Rotax 447, 503, 582, Hirth, HKS, etc.




Balance Charger

(This is a discounted price, when purchased with any battery above)

For use in charging and maintaining the battery if necessary.

 Please note: 

It is NOT necessary to keep a charger on the battery all the time. If the voltage is low for some reason (for instance if you repeatedly drain the battery starting it numerous consecutive times for several short engine runs and it does not fully recharge), the battery must be charged with a high quality balance charger.

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