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We Carry ALL IVO Prop Propellers, Hubs, Parts and Accessories.  If you do not see it listed here, simply send us an email and tell us what you need.

When checking out, please enter the make and model of your aircraft, manufacturer and model of your engine, indicate gearbox or reduction drive, and specify the largest diameter of prop suitable for your aircraft, in the Aircraft Make and Model field.  That will allow us to provide the proper propeller for your particular application.

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  Model 2 Blade 3 Blade 6 Blade

Ultralight Model, Quick Adjust 480    

Ultralight Model, Quick Adjust   660  

Ultralight Model, Quick Adjust     1,320

Polished Aluminum Spinner 60 60  

Ultralight Model, Electric In-Flight Adjustable 1,220    

Ultralight Model, Electric In-Flight Adjustable   1,400  

Medium Model, Quick Adjust 900    

Medium Model, Quick Adjust   1,180  

Medium Model, Electric In-Flight Adjustable 2,460    

Medium Model, Electric In-Flight Adjustable   2,740  

Magnum Model, Quick Adjust 1,160    

Magnum Model, Quick Adjust   1,520  
Magnum Model, Quick Adjust     2,740

Magnum Model, In-Flight Adjust 2,760    

Magnum Model, In-Flight Adjust   3,120  

Magnum Model, In-Flight Adjust     4,360

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