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As a courtesy to our customers who are NRA Members (or join now by clicking the link below), we offer the following discounts:

 $250 Off the price of any new Aerolite 103, Quicksilver or Challenger Aircraft
 $150 Off the price of any Challenger or Quicksilver Kit
 $35 Off any order for merchandise totaling $200 or more


All you need to do is email us a scanned copy or legible photo of your current National Rifle Association membership card, and we will apply the discount.  If you order online through our online store, simply email the copy of your membership card and we will refund the appropriate amount to you.

If you are not already an NRA member, click here to join for $35 (that is a pretty easy math equation, isn't it?)

Click Here to Email your Membership Card

Not applicable to purchases prior to 1-28-13.  Can not be combined with any other discount or promotion.  Limit one discount per NRA member.


We respond to ALL email messages and phone calls.

If you have a question, we want to answer it.

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