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OZEE 2000 Millennium Flight Suit. 

The design features of the 2000 MILLENNIUM flight suit give the wearer complete freedom of movement, thanks to the design of the sleeves; no pull is felt under crotch when arms are raised above the head and the inverted pleat at the center back panel gives extra upper body movement and comfort.  Robust molded zippers are used throughout and with the stud and Velcro ankle straps no tension is placed at the bottom of the zipper. Pictures

Pockets have been positioned to give easy access while flying.  The expandable chest pocket with ariel cut-outs and Velcro flap accommodates most radios.   The zippered chest pocket gives ample storage room.  Two deep hand pockets are also zippered for added security.  On the left leg is a Velcro-fastened clear plastic reference pocket and another hand-sized zippered pocket with loops on the right leg.   Adjustable Velcro cuffs and high neck lines keep out the drafts. 

The 2000 MILLENIUM flight suit is manufactured in three color-combinations: Black (primary color) with Red, Navy (primary color) with Yellow, or Black (primary color) with Silver.


OZEE 2000 Millennium Flight Suit.  Size XXL 315
Uninsulated OZEE 2000 Millennium Flight Suit.

IMPORTANT:  When checking out, please enter your desired TRIM COLOR in the Trim Color field.

Uninsulated OZEE 2000 Millennium Flight Suit.  Size XXL 315


Standard-length fits to approximately 5'10" height, while Long-length fits to approximately 6'3" height


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