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Our replacement seats are 3-4" wider than the standard seats supplied with most aircraft, and only weigh approximately 4.5 lbs. (which is 2-6 pounds LESS than most other fiberglass seats).  By installing our wide replacement seats it is possible to lower the empty weight of your aircraft by as much as 12 lbs.  Available in black and several other pre-colored, high gloss finishes (colors are molded right in the gel coat, not painted).  Also available with an optional metal flake or pearl finish in any color.  100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Original Seat on Left, New Wider Seat on Right 3-4" wider in both the bottom AND back of the seat No More Cramped Seats, and Your Existing Seat Covers Will Still Fit


Seat Bottom Width 17"
Seat Bottom Depth 14"
Height of Seat Back 21"
Width of Seat Back at Bottom 17"
Width of Seat Back at Top 14"


"I received my "wide body" Quicksilver seat today and just got it installed.  It feels like it's going to do just right.  I took it for a short test hop and I believe that the fatigue issues across my hips during extended flight times will be just a memory.  4 hours in two days for me is a lot.  By the way I appreciate your craftsmanship and quality of your product.  Best RegardsChuck Cawthon



Wide Replacement Seat (black) $130
Gel Coat Color
Pre-Molded High Gloss Gel Coat Finish

(Black, White, Yellow or Red)

Metal Flake Color
Metal Flake Finish

(Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Orange, Pearl)


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