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10, 12 or 14 Gallon Fuel Tank. Your choice of size.  These are direct replacements for the existing 5 and 6 gallon Quicksilver tanks.  $425 each (any size).
Kuntzleman Wingtip Strobes. Very light weight, effective and reliable.  They operate with or without a battery (via A/C lighting coil lead if no battery system).  $285 including installation.
Hobbs Meter. The EIS has an hour meter for both current flight time, and cumulative time, but you can not see it unless the EIS is on (motor running if no electrical system/battery).  Many customers like the Hobbs so they can look at the panel any time and see total hours.  Cost is $41.
Kuntzleman Hot Box. I highly recommend this upgrade and it is a required item for aircraft that we are assembling under our Free Assembly Program.   In essence it is a pre-wired electrical component, with fuses, terminals, etc., allowing easy installation of the EIS, engine electrical system, etc.  It's greatest benefit is that it allows you to add electrical components later (landing lights, radio power, GPS power, intercom, etc.) by simply attaching to the existing electrical connections.  That saves you many headaches later on, so you do not have to run power leads, wiring harnesses, etc. to the motor a later time.  They cost $235 and we need to know if you are going to use electric start before we order it.
Pitot Tube. We fabricate these out of aluminum tube with vinyl tubing attached to it and run to the A/S indicator lead.  Normally they are installed on the lower surface of the wing at the strut or at the root tube.  Cost is $45. I f you are using the Hall airspeed indicator that comes with the kit (as opposed to a standard airspeed gauge or the EIS airspeed option), this pitot tube is not necessary.
Exhaust Clamps. Exhaust Clamps.  The standard clamping devices for the Rotax muffler are a series of springs that are often problematic.  They often break, and can damage your prop if they fall off in flight. The exhaust brackets in this modification are made of stainless steel, use all AN hardware, increase safety and reduce the possibility of expensive prop damage by a broken spring. Cost is $36 each, and 2 are required.  Trust us, you want this option.   Picture
Battery. For Electric Start package.  Sealed, no maintenance, 12 volt, 18-20 amp.  Cost for battery and mounting hardware is $105, installed, and the mount below is necessary.
Battery and Hotbox Mount Structures. Required for aircraft we assemble.  We fabricate these mounts out of lightweight aluminum aircraft grade plate and angle.  Cost is $120 (if using electric start/battery) and $80 (if just using Hotbox without electric start/battery). 
Battery Box. Fiberglass battery box cover is available to cover the battery or Hot Box installation. Quality of the fiberglass is excellent, and it is available in a variety of colors (we stock blue ones to match the airframe, other colors available by special order).  $49 each.  You will need one for the battery and one for the Hotbox.
Instrument Pod. After market, fiberglass pod and mount, custom cut for your instrumentation and mounted. $225.
Key Switch. (Required for Electric Start).  Has Off, Left, Right, Both and Start positions. With 2 keys. $99.
Slip Indicator. 2-1/4 inch instrument.  $39.
Magnetic Compass. 2-1/4 inch instrument, unlighted, panel mount.   $99
Toggle Switches. You will need one as a master, and others for your electrical equipment.  $5 each, installed.
K&N Air Filters. These replace the green foam style supplied with Quicksilver kits.  Far superior.  Cone type.  One required for each carb.   $39 each.

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