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License Requirements
Do I need a License to Fly an Ultralight?
What About the New Sport Pilot Category?
I am an Ultralight Pilot, Will I Be Able to Get a Sport Pilot License?
If I Buy an Ultralight Trainer, Can I License it as a Sport Plane Later?
Used Aircraft
Should I Buy New or Used?

Payment Options

How Do I Pay for My Aircraft?

Can I Order my Kit in Sections?


How Long Will it Take Me to Assemble a Quicksilver?

What if I have Questions When I am Assembling the Aircraft?
How Long Does it Take U-FLY-IT to Assemble my Aircraft?
Can I Help U-FLY-IT Assemble my Aircraft?
How Will I Know How the Assembly is Going?
What if I Do Not Like The Aircraft When You are Done?
Delivery Time
How Long Does it Take to Get a Kit?
How is the Kit Shipped to Me?
If you Assemble the Kit, How Do I Get the Plane?
Flight Training
Does U-FLY-IT Provide Flight Training?
Can I get Insurance for My Ultralight?


Should I Buy New or Used?  You can certainly find used ultralights for sale.  However, the cheapest airplane is not always the "best deal."  There have been gradual design changes in most models over the years, and almost all manufactures constantly upgrade and modify (if only slightly) their aircraft.  For those companies who have been in business for many years (Challenger, Quicksilver, etc.) a plane that is 5 or 10 years old, is probably not the same plane as a new one.  If money is the sole determining factor, then you should look at the used ones for sale.  We do pre-purchase inspections for potential buyers, and I have seen far more "worn out" planes than really good ones.  If cost is just one of the factors you are going to rely on to make the new or used decision, then weigh out the benefits of saving a couple thousand dollars against having a brand new airplane (with all of the latest design changes), with a zero time motor (employing all the latest technology and most likely with a warranty), all new instrumentation and paint, equipped exactly as YOU want it, having been built by you or an authorized dealer.  All facts considered, that is usually a pretty easy decision to make.
How Do I Pay for My Aircraft?  If we are going to assemble the aircraft for you, we require that you pay for (at a minimum) the basic airframe kit, and all airframe options ordered, at the time the order is placed.   If you choose, you can then order and pay for the remaining components (motor, prop, instruments, BRS, etc.) as they are needed during our assembly process.  This will allow you to spread the costs out over a slightly longer period of time, yet still have us complete the assembly.  Many customers find this arrangement beneficial.  However, you need to keep in mind that the delivery time for a Quicksilver aircraft is faster than many other manufacturers, and our assembly of the aircraft will usually only take a couple weeks once we receive the kit.

If you are to assemble the aircraft yourself, you can order just the airframe, less engine, to save yourself some money initially.  You can then call us to order the additional necessary components as you need them during your assembly.

If you choose to order and pay for everything for the aircraft, including airframe, motor, prop, instruments, etc., on the initial order, we will discount the price 5%, across the board (excluding BRS, which will be sold at dealer cost).  (This discount is not available for aircraft that we are assembling for free!)

Can I Order my Kit in SectionsNo.  The only thing you can do to break the costs down for a Quicksilver kit is to order it less the engine package.  The design of all Quicksilver aircraft are not conducive to sub-kit sales.
How Long Will it Take Me to Assemble a Quicksilver?  The factory lists the following approximate assembly times for each model, and they average between 40 and 60 hours.  These estimates do not take into consideration the installation of any options, such as instruments, BRS parachute system, etc.  However, the basic airplane goes together VERY quickly.  You will be flying in a matter of weeks, not months or years.
What if I have Questions When I am Assembling the Aircraft?  We will answer them.  We return ALL emails and ALL phone calls promptly.  All of our customers are given my work, cell and home numbers, and your can call at any reasonable time, any day of the week, and you will get assistance.  If we are not in the office, you can call the cell phone number that rings into the hangers.  We sold you the aircraft, and we will support it.  You are our customer for as long as you own the plane.  Not all dealers think that way, but we do.  If we are going to be away for any length of time, that information will be posted on the Website.  If you are not able to reach us for some reason, you can also direct questions directly to Quicksilver Manufacturing by phone or email.
How Long Does it Take U-FLY-IT to Assemble my Aircraft?   On average, we can complete the aircraft in about 3-5 weeks, including engine break-in and test flight.  We do all assemblies on a "first come first serve" basis.  We provide all customers with an anticipated delivery date, and do everything possible to meet that deadline.
Can I help Assemble the Aircraft if U-FLY-IT is Doing the Assembly?  ABSOLUTELY!  All customers are encouraged to stop by anytime we are working on their aircraft.  You are more than welcome to lend a hand, or just stop in and check the progress.
How Will I Know How the Assembly is Going?  We email all customers updates on their assembly progress every few days, and include progressive photos of the aircraft.  You are also free to call to discuss the progress at any time.
What if I Do Not Like The Aircraft When You are Done?  We do excellent workmanship, so we do not regard this as a real problem.  However, we offer all customers a guarantee that they will be satisfied with our workmanship, or the money they paid for the aircraft is refunded. Complete terms are listed in our assembly agreement, and you can order/buy with confidence.
How Long Does it Take to Get a Kit?   Good Question.  The delivery time from the Quicksilver factory varies depending on the time of year the order is placed.  In general, delivery times are a little longer in the Spring and Summer than in the Fall and Winter.  There are times when kits are in stock and ready to ship when the order is placed.  If you place an order for a kit at a peak time, you will probably have to wait 4-6 weeks or more before the kit is ready to ship.  We usually have kits in stock or on order at all times, so we can sometimes ship a kit to you in a matter of days, or begin assembly immediately.  Call or email us and let us know what you are looking for, and we can let you know if we have it in stock or on order.
How is the Kit Shipped to Me?   If you purchase a kit that we have in stock, it will be shipped to you almost immediately.  If you place an order for a kit that we do not have in stock, we will have it shipped to you directly from Quicksilver Manufacturing (unless we are going to assemble it for you, in which case it will come here).  The kits are shipped by truck, and the freight charges are the responsibility of the buyer.
If you Assemble the Kit, How Do I Get the PlaneAgain, there are a couple options for getting the completed kit to you.  If you would like, you can come and get it and either fly it home, or trailer it back to your location.  We do the engine break-in and test flight for EVERY aircraft we assemble.  You can also choose to have disassemble the aircraft, crate the components up, and ship them to you.  We are required by the factory to inspect and test fly every aircraft kit we sell.  So, if we tear it back down and ship it to you, we will arrange for another dealer, or a factory representative, to come to your location, inspect the aircraft after you have reassembled it, and test fly it again for you.  The final option is to have us deliver the aircraft to you.  We will fly it to your location, either at an airport, or a suitable off-airport landing area.  Cost for delivery is based on where you are at, but it is usually less than it will cost you to come and get it.
Does U-FLY-IT Provide Flight Training?   Yes we do.  We provide flight training by an EAA certified Ultralight Flight Instructor.  If we assemble your aircraft for you, we can provide you instruction when you come to pick up the aircraft, or when we deliver it to you.  We prefer to give instruction to every customer who buys an aircraft from us.
Can I get Insurance for My UltralightCurrently, we know of no U.S. Company offering insurance for your aircraft.  If you know of any such opportunity, please let us know the details and we will post them here.


Quicksilver Info Pack.  Includes a brochure on each model.  $5
Quicksilver DVD.  Comprehensive DVD detailing each Quicksilver model and factory operations.  Shows flying sequences of each and every Quicksilver aircraft model available!  $5.  Only $3
Info Pack and DVD.  Order both the Info Pack and the DVD and Save!  Includes both of the above items, plus additional information pertaining to options and accessories available from U-FLY-IT.  $10  Only $8

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